Skin Cancer Detection Month

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Living in Iowa doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t see the sun, even during those brutal winters. As truck drivers, our profession means half of our bodies; specifically the left side of our face is always exposed to the sun while driving. Although catching rays feels great, we also need to be aware of our risk for skin cancer.

Gray Transportation is bringing you information for your skin health just in time for the summer season. Now is the time to prevent and detect your skin cancer risk. Being a truck driver, constantly exposed to the sun means we may be at an increased risk for skin cancer, so today we are bringing you tips for preventing skin cancer.

Preventing skin cancer:

  1. Always use sunscreen. This may seem like a given, but make it a routine when you wake up to apply sunscreen, even if it’s just on your face, anything helps. Use at least a 15 SPF sunscreen and reapply every few hours. Reapplying is the key to saving your skin from frequent sun damage. Wearing sunscreen regularly can reduce your risk for melanoma by up to 50% according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.
  2. Wear a hat to protect your eyes and face from the sun. Wearing a hat can give your face good enough shading to protect from the sun’s damaging rays while driving.
  3. Avoid sun burns at all cost. When you get 5 or more burns per year, your skin cancer risk increases greatly. Always apply sunscreen and wear clothing to protect parts of your body from burns.

Detecting skin cancer:

Stand in front of a full length mirror in a well-lit room to check your skin at least once a month. Check all areas of the skin and use a smaller, handheld mirror to check your back and hard to see areas. If you notice any changes in your skin, contact your doctor.

Skin cancer is becoming more relevant in the United States, but it is also treatable if caught in time. Gray Transportation wants you to be safe from the sun all year round. Contact us today to learn about careers at Gray Transportation.