Wake Up and Stay Up

Week 3 Post 1

Being a trucker means we have to be alert all day, every day. There’s no room for error while on the road, so that means alertness is vital to our everyday livelihood. Gray Transportation is bringing you tips for ways to wake up and stay up while on the road. Today’s blog will be filled with helpful information for staying awake on the road, which could save a life.

Tips to Wake Up and Stay Up on the Road:

  1. Keep your emotions in check. Whether you were cut off by a car just a bit ago or had a disagreement with the dispatcher. Don’t let the event get to you and affect your driving ability. The frustration will wear you down, so just let it go before it gets too distracting. Keeping your emotions even all around will help lower your likelihood for distracted driving.
  2. Take a walk or get exercise. Early this year, we gave you ways to exercise while on the road, use those tips because they can also help to keep you awake on the road. While at a rest stop or the truck stop, take some time to walk around for 10-15 minutes. You’d be surprised at how much energy you will have after that. Physical activity is important each day, so take the time at your stops to stretch, exercise or walk around.
  3. Don’t get overly exhausted. Some days in the truck are longer than others, so don’t let the long days exhaust you. If you feel as if you are dozing off a bit, don’t take the chance of falling asleep on the road. Pull over on an off ramp or the nearest rest area to take a 30 minute nap. You’d be surprised at the amount of energy a short nap can bring you.

Gray Transportation understands the importance of staying awake on the road so we hope these tips help while you are driving. Interested in driving for Gray? Find more information here.