How to Stay Connected to Family as a Truck Driver


We love being truck drivers, but time away from family gets hard sometimes.  Fortunately, in today’s technology age, there are many ways we can stay connected to our families.  In today’s blog article, Gray Transportation identifies a few different methods for remaining close with your family and everything they have going on throughout the week.

  1. VIDEO CHAT – Of course, the best way to stay connected to family is through video chat. However, reaching your family when they are home and you are at a convenient place in your trip to focus on the family can be complicated.  We recommend setting a schedule with your family ahead of time so that they know when you are expected to be taking a break at the same time that they are home from their weekly activities.

Set a video chat schedule!

  1. FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM – Social media is a great way to stay connected with friends and family. Share photos from your trip and leave messages for those you’re thinking of while on the road.  This will help your family share in your experiences throughout the week.

Share your experience on the road through social media!

  1. VALUE HOME TIME – Most importantly, make your time at home memorable. What we mean is, use the time at home to connect with family as much as possible.  This could be anything from going to a movie or playing golf to more affordable activities like playing soccer outside, going for a walk or going fishing.

Make memories when you are home!

  1. MAKE IT FOR THE BIG MOMENTS – If you can, schedule in the big moments ahead of time with your manager. Make it possible to be home for that big birthday, football championship, spring music concert or prom walk-in.

Schedule ahead to be home for the big moments in your kid’s life!

These are just our ideas.  We’re sure some of you have methods that work great for your family that weren’t mentioned in this article.  We’d love to hear from you so please feel free to share your ideas in Facebook comments to help other truck drivers stay connected with their families!