Top 10 Things to Bring on the Road

road trip items

Packing is a fine art. From personal care to truck maintenance, you have finite space for gear that will make your cross-country trip either a breeze or a headache. For young road warriors and veteran drivers alike, keep these ten essential items in your cab for a smooth ride:

  1. Work gloves: This simple form of protection keeps our hands guards while unloading cargo or fixing small repairs.
  2. Polarized sunglasses: Reduce glare, sharpen clarity in foggy conditions, and prevent eyestrain with polarized sunglasses. Keep a back-up pair stashed in the event of a break.
  3. E-reader or tablet: Space in the cab is limited, so a streamlined piece of tech that stores books and digital entertainment is the efficient solution.
  4. Emergency cash and checks: Drop your wallet while unloading? Credit card is declined at a gas station? Keep a ziplock bag of cash and a couple of checks stashed away for “oops” moments.
  5. Baby wipes: From a quick freshen up to small cleaning tasks in and around the cab, baby wipes are a compact and multi-purpose cleaning option
  6. Reflective clothes & flares: In the event of a break down, keep yourself safe on the roadside from passing cars with reflective clothes and cones that’ll help you see and be seen in nights and hazy driving conditions.
  7. Extra pair of boots: You’ve just stepped in a puddle while unloading. You can either (a) drive barefoot, (b) sit in wet, chilly shoes for hours, or (c) make a quick change into a spare pair of work boots.
  8. Slow cooker: Not only is it possible to eat healthy on the road, but it’s easy. Meat and fresh veggies can stew as you drive on a low power setting that won’t drain your engine’s battery, and your food will be ready when you are after a long drive.
  9. Portable toilet & cleaner: Stuck in traffic? Rough driving conditions put you behind schedule? Missed the exit for the last rest stop for miles? Your portable toilet is the answer to your bladder’s prayers.
  10. Seat cushion: Long hours on a standard seat can cause back aches and body stiffness. Invest in an ergonomically designed cushion that will pay for itself in total body comfort.

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