Naughty or Nice: Gift Ideas for the Truck Driver in Your Life


Holiday shopping time is crunch time for many people, and can be a really stressful time if you have a truck driver or two on your list.  Gray Transportation is going to turn that ho-ho-hopeless shopping experience into a great one with some really great gift giving ideas! So in more particular order, here is our awesome (you’re welcome) trucker gift ideas list…

  1. Gift cards for restaurants- Look for places good along the driver’s usual route. Is there a place they talk about a lot? Is there a place they keep saying they want to try? Start there.
  2. Travel coolers- Not your father’s lunch box. Today’s coolers plug into the truck and are really more like small refrigerators. Perfect for lunches, soda and waters.
  3. Mini microwaves – Look online for these mini-marvels that plug right into the truck and are just the right size for reheating coffee or a sandwich. And they are adorable.
  4. Kindles and other electric book readers- Long waits or overnight stays are better with a good (electric) book. Consider buying some of their favorite authors or gift cards for more books.
  5. Books-on-tape- Speaking of reading, your driver may enjoy books-on-tape. Hands-free and available for all kinds of literally preferences, books-on-tape keep your brain active and your eyes on the road.
  6. Cell phone accessories- A new charger?  A new earpiece? A cool new case that will keep the phone when dropped? We all love gadgets and the choices are truly amazing!
  7. Removable seat cushions- sitting for long periods can be hard on the rear-end, not to mention the hips, spine and legs. Today’s cushions are designed to reduce pressure and increase comfort.
  8. Plug-in heated throws- Cold legs or cold passengers will appreciate these plug-in blankets that provide the right amount of heat right where you need it.
  9. Flannel sheets for sleepers-   Flannel sheets are like sleeping in a big hug. If the trucker in your life is using hand-me-down bedding, get them the gift of comfy slumber.
  10. Personal humidifiers- Dry winter air and heaters dry out the sinuses, skin and hair and lead to painful shocks. There are a wealth of humidifiers that are great for small spaces and personal use. There are even devices that transform water bottles into humidifiers! What a great time to be alive!

Feel inspired to go shopping? Get out there and get jolly and don’t forget to give your trucker the best gifts of all: time and attention.

Happy Holidays from Gray Transportation!