Time to Get Up and Get on the Road: How to Kick Start Your Morning


Mornings can be tough. Not everyone is a morning person but when you are a truck driver, you may have to get up and get on the road bright and early. But the energy you have while driving throughout the day is determined by your morning routine.  Gray Transportation offers these tips can help you be more productive and energized all day long even if you have a hard time getting up in the morning.

Don’t Hit Snooze: When your alarm goes off, adrenaline kicks in and your body is ready to get up. Those extra few minutes are not work confusing your mind and body. Hitting the snooze button throws off your internal clock and can mess up your entire day. Get up and get going.

Don’t Drink Coffee Right Away: What!? We know that coffee is the solution to a rough morning for many (most) people, but studies have shown that caffeine has a better effect on you after you have been awake a couple hours. Try starting your day with a glass of water to wake you up and kick start your metabolism. Then coffee.  It’ll be okay, we promise.

Eat Breakfast: The first meal you eat each day determines your energy levels when driving and working throughout the day. Even if you don’t have a huge appetite, fill your body with protein to help wake it up with foods like oatmeal, fresh fruit, or drink a protein shake.  Save the donuts for special occasions.

Exercise: It may seem counter intuitive, but starting your day with activity (when you have little of it) will increase your energy and speed up your metabolism all day. Simple stretching or yoga poses can improve your day if you can’t muster the energy to complete a full work out.  Stretching wakes up your mind and body and is great before sitting behind the wheel.

Gray Transportation wants you to live a lifestyle that is as active and healthy as possible. We want you to be safe and happy out there on the road.