Winter Driving Tips for Truckers

It’s no secret that trucking in the Midwest through the winter can be dangerous because the weather is unpredictable. Gray Transportation cares about your safety with the winter weather, so we want to give you six tips for winter truck driving safety. Driving for Gray means you are in good hands if you ever deal with an accident on the roadways.

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Winter Driving Tips:

Keep an eye on the temperature. This may seem obvious, but in the Midwest, temperatures can change quickly especially in the winter. The water on the road will freeze at 32 degrees, but sometimes the roadways are slightly warmer than the air. None the less, be wary of changing temperatures.

Communicate with other drivers. If you are new to trucking, get on the CB radio and find an experienced driver and ask for advice. Experienced or not, we are all a little nervous when it comes to driving in the winter conditions.

Pull over if you have to. Don’t be afraid to pull into a truck stop to wait for the storm to pass or roads to clear. If the closest truck stop is full, find an off ramp or rest stop. Don’t stop on an incline, so you don’t have trouble with getting stuck.

There’s no load worth your life. Even if you are close to deadline or only have 50 miles to go, that load isn’t worth it if the roads are terrible. If you are on dangerous roadways, your best bet is to get off of the road.

Don’t follow too closely. It is most people’s instinct to drive close together during bad weather. We don’t suggest following others too closely, especially cars because they typically think the roads are safer than they really are.

Gray Transportation wishes you well this winter season. We want you to be as safe as possible while driving for Gray.