Why Truckers Are Winter Warriors

The arrival of winter can mean holidays, family fun, and warm fires, but it can also signify a potential increase for danger on the road. Ice, snow, sleet and low temperatures can cause complications for even the shortest of trips. The impact of the winter season is particularly evident for truck drivers, as the long days spent on the road can become increasingly difficult. At Gray Transportation, we understand the commitment that truckers make each day. To show our appreciation, we offer these key reasons you should thank a driver this winter:

  • Inclement Weather

The next time you are contemplating driving in the snow, remember that a trucker has to get their job done no matter the elements. With the arrival of snow and ice, big rigs are at an increased risk of losing control. This puts, not only the driver in danger, but raises the hazard for everyone else on the road. Drivers must have the smarts, control and foresight to securely maneuver on these slippery highways to safely deliver their goods.

  • Holiday Deliveries

Every year, millions of Americans search the stores for the best deals on the perfect gifts for friends and family. In order to make this possible, truckers work tirelessly to ensure that each store is stocked. Due to the traffic of the holiday season, this can often correlate with earlier hours and longer days. It is this commitment that helps make this time of year possible.

  • Keeping the World Digital

With the increase of technology, more people are relying on online shopping to provide groceries, gifts and more. This is especially prevalent in the winter, when harsh weather slows outdoor travel. However, online orders don’t arrive magically. Every time you shop, you are helping employ a trucker. With rates of online shopping expecting to skyrocket in the next five years, truckers will continue to be a vital part on the execution of the digital world.

Although winter brings an abundance of obstacles, truckers stay committed to keeping America rolling. It is a direct result of their hard work and dedication that we are able to access the vital items we need each and every day. If you have what it takes to help make a difference, Gray Transportation is now taking applications for drivers. Contact us for more information on the benefits of joining our team.