Trick Yourself into Drinking More Water




Let’s face it, while on the road you do not want to make too many stops, so you avoid drinking water at all costs. Avoiding drinking water may seem like the best idea, but in reality, your body needs water to survive. Gray Transportation wants you to make a goal this month to drink at least half your body weight in water. You can do this by tricking yourself to drinking more water each day. It’s as simple as challenging yourself and setting a goal.

Trick yourself into drinking more water:

Add drinking water into your daily routine. If you already have a great morning and bedtime routine set, simply add drinking more water into the routine. Right when you wake up, drink a glass of water and do the same right before you go to bed. Your body needs to be hydrated 24/7 and can possibly help you sleep a little better at night and wake up easier in the morning.

Get a nice water bottle and mark it with time-oriented goals. Using a permanent marker, write times in which you should be done with the water. Set a goal that by noon, the entire bottle of water will be complete, then refill and start again. Find a water bottle that is at least 32 ounces so you are more likely to drink a higher quantity of water.

Add some flavor to your water so you’re more likely to drink it. So maybe you just do not like plain water. That’s okay because there are solutions to this problem. Add a few lemon slices or pick up a bottle of sparkling flavored water if you are trying to ween off soda.

Gray Transportation wants you to stay cool during the dog days of summer. If you are looking for a career change this July, contact Gray to learn about driving for us.