Top Tips to Stay Cool on the Road


Contrary to popular belief, winter is not the most dangerous season for driving. Research shows that the number of fatalities increases substantially between July and September. At Gray Transportation, we want all drivers to be as safe as possible while on the road, so we are sharing some top tips and tricks on staying cool while you’re on the road, without turning the AC on.

  1. Protect your truck from the sun.

You shouldn’t be in the sun without protection, and neither should your truck. Try finding shade when you pull in the truck stop. If covered areas are unavailable, buy a sun shade. This little metallic accessory is inexpensive but will stop sun from getting trapped in your car and the temperature from rising. An alternative is putting a blanket over your seat – the blanket will be exposed to direct sunlight but your seat will not be.

  1. Let your truck air out.

Leave your window a few inches open to let the air out when you are not in the truck. Inside temperatures can rise up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit when it is 80 degrees outside, so letting even a little air out can help a lot and save you from a potential heatstroke when you enter the cabin.

  1. Give your truck time to cool off.

Don’t enter the truck straight away. If leaving the doors open is not an option due to security reasons, wait a little while before entering the cabin. Having the door open just for 5 minutes can decrease the temperature significantly and give you enough time to stretch or check on the rest of the truck before you hit the road again.

  1. Protect yourself from the heat while driving.

If the AC makes you feel unwell, seek alternative ways of cooling down while driving. A spray bottle filled with ice and water will keep you hydrated and keep your body temperature low even when the temperatures are high. Another possibility is a cooler full of not just cold drinks but also frozen wash rags or bandanas that you can wrap around your neck while driving.

Do you have other ways of staying cool while on the road? Let us know by leaving them in the comments section on our Facebook page or sending them straight to our Gray Transportation team. Also remember, making sure you are cool while driving is just the start when it comes to summer road safety.