Top Summer Truck Driving Tips

hot summer roads

It’s May which means summer is fast approaching, and the dangers of driving in high temperatures are coming right along with it.  If you’re a full-time truck driver, the experts at Gray Transportation want you to be aware of these top 5 summer driving dangers and how you can avoid them:

Brakes – It has been proven that higher temperatures cause loss of friction for brakes.  Brake components can’t absorb extra heat, which leads to brake fading.  Be sure to check your brakes throughout the summer.

Blowouts – The summer heat is also hard on tires.  Extreme heat can cause tire blowouts and when tires are deflated, the risk for a blowout is increased.  Check your tire pressure often to avoid a blow out this summer!

Trucker’s Arm – For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “Trucker’s Arm,” it is the strange tan line on one’s left arm, caused by exposure to the sun on just one side while driving truck.  This occurrence is dangerous in the summer because of the risks of skin damage or even skin cancer.

Severe Summer Weather – Summer weather can be unpredictable.  While winter poses its challenges, summer weather can change quickly and produce the most severe storms our cars have seen.  Stay informed of weather at all times so you’re not caught in a sudden thunderstorm, hailstorm or tornado.

Construction – Possibly the worst thing about summer driving is the unbelievable amount of road work you can run into.  In order to avoid a speeding ticket or even a crash, you’ll need to be extra careful around any work zones.

If you can think of summer driving dangers not mentioned above, please leave them in comments on our Facebook page or send them to our Gray Transportation team!