Top New Driver Tips


Are you brand new to truck driving?  We’ve all been there, and we want you to succeed.  See what the Gray Transportation experts say about how to have a successful start in driving truck.

Be Timely
Stay on schedule and show your carrier your dedication to timeliness.  Always call ahead to inform the customer of your arrival time and arrive early if possible.  If you want to impress the customer and your carrier, run your truck like you’re the owner.

Stay Safe
Keep your safety training in mind each time you drive.  Don’t forget to get out of your truck and look before backing up, comply with your safety department’s requests and always practice overall safe driving.

Stay Healthy
One of hardest lessons to learn for new drivers is how to stay healthy.  Create a plan for maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regularly.  We recommend keeping your carbs low and exercising for at least 15 minutes before your shift and during your mid-day break.

Work Hard
The transportation industry recognizes hard work so you’ll get what you put in.  If you work hard, you’ll be considered for promotions for important jobs. If you do the bare minimum, you’ll be given the bare minimum.

Dispatcher Dedication
Your dispatcher is your lifeline to more loads.  Get to know your dispatcher and learn how you can get the priority loads.

If you would like to grow your career in truck driving, apply now to work for Gray Transportation.  We offer driving careers with various pay grades depending on experience, miles and more.  We also offer great pay and bonus programs!