So Now You’re a Truck Driver: Helpful Tips for New Truck Drivers

We have tips for new truck drivers so your career starts off well.

We have tips for new truck drivers so your career starts off well.

You may be a new graduate of the local CDL program, a new hire, and ready to get out on the open road for life’s new adventure. Gray Transportation is excited to have you on our team. We have gathered helpful tips for new truck drivers, so you can head in the right direction to a successful career.

Truck driving is a career that is like none other because it is rewarding, adventurous, and ever changing. Now that you are ready to get on the road and see where your career with Gray Transportation will take you, we have some helpful tips to be successful.

Tips for new truck drivers:

  • Don’t do your food supply shopping at a truck stop. If you are looking to save money, it is best to go to a local grocery store so you don’t bust your budget.
  • Always be conscious of other semi drivers and cars on the road. This may seem obvious, but other drivers are not always concerned about your safety. It is best practice to be cautious when passing fellow drivers. This goes for driving on the highway and in town during deliveries.
  • Be conscious of your eating habits. Set a goal to eat healthy on the road by choosing fruits and vegetables instead of chips and cookies. You will be better off and not bust your waistline. Many truck stops have tempting buffets, it is okay to treat yourself every once in a while, but not every meal.
  • Take note of which truck stops have laundry facilities. Most chain truck stops have decent facilities. You likely won’t have too many clothes in your truck, so plan when you will need to do laundry each week.
  • You can get exercise as a truck driver by parking farther away. The further you park, the more walking you will need to do. Not only does it feel good to get out of the truck and walk, you will also be bettering your health.

Do you have any other tips for new truck drivers? Let Gray Transportation know! If you want to work for Gray Transportation, we would love to have you on our team so apply today.