Prep Yourself against the Flu

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With winter around the corner, the number of influenza cases is sure to spike. Being a truck driver and getting sick do not go well together because that means missing hours on the road. November is the perfect time to think about prepping yourself against the flu before the season starts.

Gray Transportation wants you to stay healthy this winter, so you can keep moving. Prep yourself against the flu with these tips from Gray Transportation.

  1. Keep your space sanitized. It may not seem like you have time each day to clean your truck, but you should make time to steer clear of illness. Keep sanitation wipes on hand to wipe your steering wheel and seating area.
  2. Change your bedding. Make it a habit to wash your bedding when you do laundry on the road. If possible, pick up a new set of sheets before the winter to ensure they are clean. Not only will clean sheets help to prevent illness, it is always nice to sleep on a clean set.
  3. Have hand sanitizer readily available. When you stop at your favorite truck stop, understand that germs are the worst in the bathroom. Wash your hands frequently and especially before eating. If you are on the go and eating while driving, be sure to use hand sanitizer.
  4. Keep an air disinfectant in your cab. An air disinfectant (like Lysol) can clear the air of many germs and potential illnesses. You could spray the truck as you are getting out for a break, so you are not overwhelmed with the smell. Not only will this help you stay well, you can pick your favorite scent.

Gray Transportation wants you to prep yourself against the flu and the best way you can is to get a flu shot. Our tips can help you avoid other common illnesses like a cold, which can also get you down for a couple days.