It’s Never Too Early to Think about Tax Deductions

Truck on freeway

January brings the start of the annual tax season. Paying our taxes is what every individual and business must do, but did you know you could benefit even more from this time of year? As a truck driver, you are at an advantage when it comes to tax deductions because you live most of your life on the road. You would be surprised by the items you are able to claim.

From reimbursement for truck supplies to licensing fees, you are able to claim a lot of your purchases on your taxes. Gray Transportation wants to share a list of items you are able to claim on your taxes. You can even claim cleaning supplies you use for cleaning out the cab of your truck!

Tax deductions and advantages for truck drivers:

  • Your cell phone or laptop. The IRS has recognized that it is essential to truck driving for you to have a cell phone and or laptop computer. You are able to deduct up to 50% of access fees, like wireless internet at a truck stop.
  • Truck related publications. Do you subscribe to any truck related magazines or newsletters? Because these publications are filled with regulation information and news that is relevant to the trucking industry, you are able to deduct it.
  • Medical examinations. If you are required through employment to have a physical, or check up at the doctor you may be able to be reimbursed. Any out of pocket costs, such as your copay can be reimbursed on your taxes.
  • Travel expenses. This category is broad, but you may be able to claim travel expenses incurred while driving. This may include travel expenses like meals and lodging while on the road. Even postage may be reimbursed while on the road.

Gray Transportation cares about your life on the road and at home, so we hope you take advantage of these opportunities. If you are not currently working for Gray Transportation and you want to join a team of dedicated employees, apply to be a driver for Gray today.